Worth Waiting For: Just Shapes & Beats

Worth Waiting For: Just Shapes & Beats

2014 will go down as the year Bezerk Studios teased us with Just Shapes & Beats, well, I’m sure there may have been more important issues, but we’ve been hungry for this game ever since. Just Shapes & Beats is a bullet hell nightmare that, when you’re not screaming at the screen, you’re entranced with its carefully choreographed chaos. In a lot of games the soundtrack is an afterthought, or at best, adds ambiance or tone to gameplay… in Shapes & Beats, the soundtrack defines gameplay. With each beat and chiptune comes new obstacles; a flurry of bullets, a crazed robot swinging its arms or giant bars of death, essentially ratcheting up the pandemonium with every note,  Oh, and the ever-expanding soundtrack is beyond addictive thanks to additions from Danimal Cannon & Zef.

Over the last few years, Bezerk Studios have added some impressive features to the game including online co-op and level sharing. The latter causing a considerable amount of legal work as the sharing of levels also includes music… and that means dealing with music labels, rights and a lot more.

As of now, Just Shapes & Beats is slated for a June 2016 release, which we hear is largely dependent on Lachhh’s return from performing unspeakable acts in foreign lands.  Until then… enjoy this extended gameplay video of Just Shapes & Beats.

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