Wizard Dodgeball Returns to Kickstarter

Wizard Dodgeball Returns to Kickstarter

Wizard Dodgeball has made it’s way back to Kickstarter!

Wizard Dodgeball, a game that is pretty much exactly what it sounds like (Dodgeball, but with Wizards), originally went to Kickstarter in August of last year. Ultimately, the game was not successfully funded, unable to raise $42,000 by September 2nd. Peter Newland learned a lot from this experience (read his thoughts on this initial failure here), and has relaunched the crowd funding campaign, this time looking to raise $25,000.


I’ve already discussed the merits of Wizard Dodgeball as game in our previous coverage of the first Kickstarter (which you can read here).It’s great fun and I think the rule set is very strong. So instead, let’s focus on the changes to the game, and how this has improved the Kickstarter.

The big one is art. Updated art has given a new face to game since it first started leaking out to the public in early January. It’s more friendly, and while i liked the simplistic style of the game’s previous versions, I’ll be the first to admit this is a good move.

The first up is the court which started as an open space for more of a wargaming approach. But, moving and range were too difficult so I read up on the standard court sizes from the NDL which lead to the present court. The initiative track was eventually dropped to keep the focus on the court and reduce the setup time as there was an extra initiative card for each wizard.

The stat cards for the wizards used to have a lot more numbers on them, including range. To reduce time, new dice with different value sets were implemented so the cards needed to reflect that. Range went away because it was already accounted for in the other stats.

The spell cards have seen a lot of graphic design love since the early beginnings. A cost value was added so you didn’t need to remember that a card with one spell on it cost 1 magic point of your team.


Making everything simpler and getting rid of unnecessary text is also exactly what Wizard Dodgeball needs to appeal to a larger audience. The rules for Wizard Dodgeball weren’t hard to grasp, but they were dense and there was certainly a bit of numbers shock going on. There was a lot to keep track of at one time. Trimming this down makes the game feel less intimidating and easier to jump in to.



If you would like to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign for Wizard Dodgeball, please head on over to the game’s Kickstarter here!

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