Wizard Dodgeball Art Preview

Wizard Dodgeball Art Preview

A few days ago, Peter Newland made a pretty cool reveal on Twitter ahead of the relaunch of the Wizard Dodgeball Kickstarter. Peter gave us a sneak peak of the first piece of artwork associated with the updates he has been making to the tabletop game. One of things that had been mentioned during the first failed Kickstarter was a need for more illustrations (though personally I liked the almost art deco look of the game). If this piece is any indication, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of wonderful art created by Leo Aquino (You can find some more of his work here)!

We’ve updated this article with a press release from Mind the Gap Studios regarding the re-launch. and few more pieces of art!

Mind the Gap Studios is bringing Wizard Dodgeball back to Kickstarter on Jan 23rd. The relaunch campaign will run for 60 days with a goal of $25k and includes:
– new art for the wizard stat cards
– stretch goals for new spell art and an extra set of dice (so you don’t have to share)

The relaunch will coincide with Mind the Gap Studios’ booth at PAX South in San Antonio, TX.

About Wizard Dodgeball
Wizard Dodgeball is a two-player, light tactics, fantasy sports game. Each player drafts a team of wizards and chooses spells based on their team’s stats. There are no tables to look up or spell lists to consult as all the information is in front of you on the cards. This leaves you all the time to focus on your strategy.

The Wizard Dodgeball rules trace their roots to the human version of dodgeball; the players that don’t dodge the ball are eliminated, a caught ball eliminates the thrower, the winner is the last team left on the court. But, that’s just the beginning! Wizard Dodgeball allows teams to also cast performance enhancing (or inhibiting) spells. Boost the strength of your wizards! Freeze your opponent’s wizards! Shield your wizards from spells and balls! Teleport wizards and balls! And watch out for fireballs!





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