What’s in a Pseudonym? – Wormwood

What’s in a Pseudonym? – Wormwood
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Names can say a lot about a person, but Pseudonyms can are like encyclopedias into a soul. The names we choose for ourselves, be it Xbox Gamer Tag, Steam Profile Name,  or simply the name you’ve always used to log in to a forum, have in my experience almost always had an interesting story behind them. This column is both of way of sharing these stories and preserving them.


 Pseudonym: Wormwood  –  Real Name: Jacob Wood

I think it is only fair to start this column with my own name. With only a few occasions (usually when some bastard has already taken the name…damn them!) I tend to use the name of Wormwood in online and gaming interactions. No, this wasn’t inspired by Raul Dahl’s Matilda, and no this wasn’t inspired by a penchant for absinthe. This is, in fact, what my name should be.

While growing up, both of my parents were obsessed with genealogy. I can’t  remember if it started with my grandparents and then my parents picked it up, or if my parents spread the obsession to the rest of the family, but either way, my family spent a lot of time researching my family.

While there were many stories that captured my attention from this endevour, one minor detail stuck out to me as particularly cool; my family, The Woods, should be The Wormwoods. Our family tree was The Wormwoods at one point, yet all of a sudden, we started being The Woods.

Not that I really blame the family; the last name Wormwood is pretty rugged. I mean, it doesn’t even have the innuendo-ridden fun associated with the last name Wood.  However, I thought that the name sounded incredibly mysterious, Gothic, and bad ass, so it stuck. And ever since I learned that tale, I’ve been logging in as Wormwood (or some version of it). 

If you’d like to share the story of your pseudonym, feel free to leave the story in the comments below, or send it to me at Jacob@raidwarning.com.

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