What’s in a Pseudonym? – WashednBlood

What’s in a Pseudonym? – WashednBlood
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Last week I shared the story behind the name I use most in gaming: Wormwood. This week I’m sharing the story behind one of RaidWarning’s own, and my good friend Matthew Bickley’s gaming name; WashednBlood. Often shortened to Washed, this name has a surprisingly deep and profound meaning, showing faith with a bit of subtlety.

“[My gaming name] comes from the fact that I’m a Christian. I wanted to incorporate that in some way into my hobby, gaming, while at the same time not putting people off because I’m a Christian. There is a very large segment of the gaming population that has a problem with religion and I would rather have them not like me after they’ve gotten to know me, instead of seeing my handle and blowing me off right there. 

As a Christian I believe that I’ve been washed in the blood of the lamb, meaning that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross was a propitiation for my sins. Thus washednblood became my handle. It does a good job of getting peoples attention without being obvious as to it’s meaning.”

 If you’d like to share the story of your pseudonym, feel free to leave the story in the comments below, or send it to me at Jacob@raidwarning.com.

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