West of Loathing Arrives in August

West of Loathing Arrives in August

West of Loathing, one of my favorite games from this year’s PAXEast, is finally arriving this August.

West of Loathing will be released on  Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux first on as of yet undetermined date in August, with an iOS version planned for a later date.


West of Loathing is a massive open world adventure brimming with stories, saloons, and silly side quests. Customize yer hero with 3 character classes (Snake Oiler, Beanslinger, and Cow Puncher) and more than 50 stylish hats. Pick up random junk to boost yer skills and gain an advantage in combat. Befriend or be-enemy the other travelers you meet along the way. Shovel cow patties. Drink whiskey. And whatever you do, keep yer face off the Sherf’s wanted posters… no good ever comes of that.

You can wishlist West of Loathing on Steam now. Like, Right Now. You should really take my word on this.



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