Weapons in The Stomping Land

Weapons in The Stomping Land

Weapons really do make the man…or woman…or non-gender specific dinosaur-hunter. On this fourth day of the week of Stomping Land updates, we found out a bit more about the weapons and tools we will be able to carry with us as we hunt Austroraptors, Gallimimi, and Ankylosauri.

Your bow is your long range weapons that cna damage small dinosaurs and hunters, or aggravate larger dinosaurs. With only a few stock arrows that have a long crafting time, wasting arrows in battle can cause a severe turnaround.

Your spear is your melee weapons, used to attack and defend yourself against small dinosaurs and other hunters. It only takes a single hit to knock out another hunter, so dodging and attack precision are key to avoiding the punishing consequences.

Your bolas is your ranged utility that has a cooldown after each use. While it doesn’t do any damage, a well placed shot will disable your target, giving you the upperhand to an other wise dangerous fight. Works against small dinosaurs and hunter.



However, in my opinion, the mos interesting bit of information is found in the top right corner. It’s a tidbit that really changes the way I think about interacting with the environment and tracking dinosaurs, as well as potentially using some of them to my advantage…

All other dinosaurs are afraid of the Puertasaurus. Aside from its crushing footstep, a Puertasaurus can be considered a safezone from predators.

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