We Happy Few Update with Yams and Apples

We Happy Few Update with Yams and Apples

In last week’s update, the Compulsion Games Dev team gave us some wonderful insight into the design, and the encounters we’ll be running into in We Happy Few. They also made me hungry with their constant talking about Yams and Apples.

A large part of the weekly update was helmed by the Design team.Vince mentioned his continuing struggle against bugs and fixes, but also gave us a peak at  the “Altar of the Yam”:

I went back to my encounters from last week and added all that was missing like adding conditions to clear the mapMarker for them, support progress in save games, tweak AI’s reactions and behaviors and also making them look nice and give a unique feel to them. Especially with the “Altar of the Yam”. I started out with the already existing “TV altar”, and it was a bit boring that they looked so much the same. I tried making a little story of why these Wastrels are fiercely protecting and worshiping this Yam. Here’s a little picture! It was fun to look around and try to find props to my new friend, the “Couch God with the Yam”. I’m sure we’ll find something nice for her to wear, too. (Yes, that’s not a yam, but a giant potato. Still waiting for the yam model Emmanuel!!)


Antoine mentioned polishing and expanding on the trap system, as well as working on encounters, including one involving apples:

I’ve also started doing some encounters! So excite! Here’s the only place in the world that produces apples for the people of Wellington Wells (which is why it’s fiercely guarded by Bobbies… beware!). Enjoy a few in editor pictures of this encounter below:


Finally,  Vincent with the animation team gave us a preview of some really cool NPC animations:

This week, apart from blocking out a cinematic and prepping the needed props for it, we had some urgent animations that had to be done for the next release!

Because there’s no reason that only the player should get shocked and gassed, I quickly put together some status effects for NPCs. Here’s the Shocked, Dancing and Coughing loops I did, plus the Running On Fire one that Rémi did as a bonus



All in all, in this update Compulsion Games gave us some wonderful peaks into the world on We Happy Few, and I can’t wait for more!

And, in case you too are hungry after this, here’s a simple Yam and Apple Casserole recipe.

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