Wargroove Launches for Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on February 1

Wargroove Launches for Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on February 1

Publisher and developer Chucklefish have announced that the long awaited turn based tactical RPG, Wargroove, will be coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam and HumbleBundle) on February 1, 2019, with a PlayStation 4 version “coming soon.”

In Wargroove, Queen Mercia flees the Cherrystone Kingdom after a war breaks out and goes on a journey throughout the world to seek new allies and help bring an end to the war.

Features in Wargroove  include: over 12 characters with different personalities and motivations, four warring factions: Cherrystone Kingdom, Heavensong Empire, Felheim Legion, and Floran Tribes, a story campaign mode featuring animated pixel art cut-scenes and dynamic battles, and unique ultimate moves called “Grooves” which can be used by commanders once their groove meter has been completely filled and can turn the tide of battle by “changing up” the battlefield.

Additionally, Wargroove has several additional modes including: an editing mode where players can create and customize their own maps, campaigns, and cut-scenes and share them with other players, competitive and co-op multiplayer which can be played both locally and online with complete rule customization, an arcade mode where players can learn more about each character through five successive battles, and a puzzle mode where challenges must be won in just one turn. Players can also earn stars to unlock special content and possibly even some hidden game features.

Watch the cinematic trailer below.

Wargroove launches for Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on February 1, 2019. A PlayStation 4 version is currently in development and is “coming soon.”

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