Vidar Opens Up in New Patch

Vidar Opens Up in New Patch

Earlier today, Dean Razavi posted an update on the progress of Vidar, and it’s a biggy. The entirety of the town of Vidar seems to have been opened, gravestones appear plentiful and more residents have arrived.

The full post can be found here, and includes some great new art, but find the patch notes themselves below!

Developer’s Build 0.5.4

General Changes

  • Vidar is now open:
    • The town of Vidar is contained in six maps
    • The cave entrance has been moved north of the town square
    • The grave of all 24 NPCs now spawn throughout town after they die
    • Kickstarter graves are in: 13 of the graves written by Kickstarter backers will spawn at the beginning of the game throughout town. Check back each time you play for different graves!
    • Cecilia’s House and the Workshop have been moved
    • Cecilia’s House, the Inn, and the Workshop have been substantially remodeled
    • The Church, Castle Ruins, and Igloo are accessible
    • The weather in Vidar is more blustery and dynamic
    • The lighting indoors is substantially improved
  • New Residents have moved in: Tamas, Mihaly, Rozsa, and Piri are now in the game
  • Fixed bugs related to the map when entering the cave
  • Fixed bugs related to teleporting around the cave
  • Fixed various bugs related to the tool display
  • Tons of dialogue has been added
  • Fixed pathing issues
  • Added various tools

Quest Changes

  • Edited dozens of journal entries
  • Added dozens of items
  • The effects of various mushrooms can now be identified by townsfolk
  • Ghosts won’t wander off into unreachable spaces
  • Fixed a bug where Cail the dog would occasionally crash the game

Puzzle Changes

  • Water Cave spawning looks a lot better

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