Upsilon Circuit Moves to Patreon

Upsilon Circuit Moves to Patreon

Robot Loves Kitty has moved their funding for video game game show Upsilon Circuit from InideGoGo to Patreon.

While a bit chaotic to shift gears so significantly mid campaign, it’s clear that this is a move to match the vision these developers have of Upsilon Circuit, and the vision they have to fund this incredibly unique game.



The truth is, we didn’t want to charge people to have access to play the alpha of Upsilon Circuit. We’ve known this, but for reasons we couldn’t stop this till now. We’re cancelling the campaign for something better suited to what we are doing. We think that thing is called Patreon, it’s much more personal and all around more sustainable for us.

To us, Patreon is about giving something regularly to get something regularly, and that’s exactly what we want to do. We want to bring our games to life before everyone’s eyes, get more involved with the community, and bring our process to you.. play tests, alphas, and all!

Upsilon Circuit is very clearly a passion project, so it’s the kind of project that can only work if the creators are funding things in a way they are comfortable with. For finding that method, even if it took starting and IndieGoGo campaign and then canceling it, we commend and are happy for Robot Loves Kitty.

Don’t know what Upsilon Circuit is? Check out our full preview of how this game works in our original coverage of the IndieGoGo Launch, and stay tuned to our YouTube Channel this Wednesday, as we have an Indie Dev Interview with Calvin and Alix that is one of our best yet.

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