Update 1.4.0 Now Available for INVERSUS

Update 1.4.0 Now Available for INVERSUS

Yesterday, Ryan Juckett released a new patch for INVERSUS which adds a number of new features. Notably, there are a number of new maps to experience (if you’re good enough to unlock them!), numerous new game option to be played with in local and private versus matches, and further improvements to the matchmaking lobby.

Ryan also released a video detailing the major features of this patch, if you’d rather see the patch notes than read them. The 1.4.0 Patch Notes are also reproduced below.



These patch notes originally appeared on Steam. 

Primary Updates
• Local and private versus games have new options for tweaking the game rules. This can be found under the options button when selecting players for the game.
– Change the number of shots each player gets (between 2 and 6)
– Change what pickups spawn on the map (standard, random, or disabled)
– The setting for points needed to win the match has also been moved to this menu.
• When starting a local game, there is a new menu for choosing which controllers control which ships.
•The old “game options” menu and the “clear high scores” option have been removed. A new “clear save data” menu can be found under options instead.
•When a pickup is spawning, you can see which type of pickup it is. No longer do the spawn animations always look like a circle.
• Arcade maps feature a three star rating system based on score.
• Arcade maps are now unlocked with total stars acquired instead of a cumulative score from the prior map. Note that if you already had an arcade map unlocked, it will remain unlocked regardless of meeting the necessary star requirements.
• When in a lobby, the “play arcade while waiting” option has been replaced with “start local game while wating” and players can now play local games in any game mode. Play 1v1 with a friend on the couch while waiting together in a team lobby!
When returning to the lobby from a “play while waiting” game, players can now decide to start a new game or resume the old game. Previously, the old game was always resumed.
• The arcade map “Free” has been tuned to start off slightly slower and spawn less ranged enemies. Go beat those high scores!

Minor Updates
• The first few maps in the basic tutorial have been adjusted to feature a single player instead of two players.
• Added nine new emotes to unlock.
• The menu indicator for new unlocks is now a diamond instead of a star.
• Drop down menus now play audio when navigating the items.
• Fixed a bug where the multiplier display in arcade games could remain blinking due to a mispredicted death in online play.
• It is now easier to see unselected emote icons in the customize menu.

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