Unplugged: Wizard Dodgeball Coming to Kickstarter

Unplugged: Wizard Dodgeball Coming to Kickstarter

Quick bit of news in the world of Indie Board Games: Earlier this week. Mind the Gap  Studios put out its first Newsletter and announced that Wizard Dodgeball, which has been seen at PaxEast and on Tabletop Deathmatch, would be coming to Kickstarter August 1st.

At long last, I’m going to be attempting a Kickstarter campaign for Wizard Dodgeball starting August 1. I’ve got the numbers in, have sorted out the fulfillment, and have gotten a few reviews and demos lined up heading into the early part of the campaign.

US resident backers level will be $35 for the game and international backer will be $55 (extra cost is all shipping). There will also be a higher level tier for getting a copy of the game in addition to helping rename one of the wizards. And that’s it! Super simple campaign.

The damper on all of this happy news, however, is that the goal is higher than what is suggested for first time Kickstarters. I’m going to need some extra help getting the word out about the campaign.


Stay tuned for more details, and a more in-depth look at both Wizard Dodgeball and Mind the Gap’s newly released party game, ZtoZ.

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