Twitch Beats tinyBuild at One Troll Army

Twitch Beats tinyBuild at One Troll Army

tinyBuild games thought they could survive against the might of Twitch while playing their new game One Troll Army

tinyBuild was wrong.

As a result, the game is now free on Steam.


[We hosted] a livestream where we would play our upcoming defense game against the twitch chat. It has a rather unique twitch integration — users from the chat can take control over individual units during oncoming enemy waves.

We had a $ indicator that ticked down every time they’d win a fight or do any damage, or go up slightly if we win a match. Unfortunately, a few hours in it was pretty clear. And in under 5 hours Twitch beat us in One Troll Army.

So that’s it, One Troll Army is releasing for free.  Twtich integration is fully functional, so have at it – play against your chat!

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