Turn Based Strategy Gets Some Love With Kronos Kickstarter

Turn Based Strategy Gets Some Love With Kronos Kickstarter
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Just a few days ago several of us had a lengthy discussion email thread about companies using Kickstarter for nothing more than handouts to add features to an already existing game. No, I won’t divulge the project that sparked the conversation, but our faith has been restored after finding Battle Worlds: Kronos, a shining example of what Kickstarter should be used for: a project that has years of love invested in it, and just looking for a reasonable amount of funding to get the project out the door.

Not only is BW:K full of great features that have been added since it’s original creation, (Single Player Challenge Maps, Live Multiplayer , Asynchronous “play-by-mail” Multiplayer, and a Map Editor) it’s backed by a team that obviously loves the turn-based strategy genre and just wants to share their excitement with the masses. 

Perhaps several of us are just lovestruck by our weakness for the genre (however unpopular the publishers deem it to be),  find out for yourself by checking out the project’s official Kickstarter page and video below. 

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