Train Jam 2018 Details

Train Jam 2018 Details

That’s right, it’s that time of year again! *CHOO CHOO*

Info has become to come down the tracks (okay, last train joke I swear) about the 2018 Train Jam, and event that we’ve covered and love for the shear ridiculousness of putting a 52 Hour Game Jam on a train.

Here’s Our 5 Favorite Games From Train Jam 2017

Next year’s Train Jam will be taking place from March 15 to March 17, going from
Chicago to San Francisco, and culminating at  booth number N5012 at the 2018 GDC to show off the fantastic creations of the attendees.

Tickets for Train Jam 2018 will be going on sale December 12, 2017. Mark your calendars!

Also, this year’s Train Jam includes even more train!

Continuing our partnership with Amtrak, we have been approved to rent out the entire California Zephyr again for Train Jam 2018. In addition, Amtrak has added one more sleeper car onto our train, which brings our maximum attendee capacity up to 340 people! This means that our train now consists of three coach class cars, three sleeper cars, one restaurant car, and two observation cars- which is A LOT of train cars.

The Student Ambassador Program will be returning, as will the Diversity Initiative, Applications for which are now available and open. Additionally, Train Jam has teamed up with Able Games and will be sponsoring a number of developers with disabilities to attend this year’s Train Jam. AND Bekah and Adam Saltsman of Finji, will be heading up the official mentorship program at this year’s Jam.

 Link to information on the Student Ambassador program

Link to the application for Geographic Diversity

Link to the application for Gender Diversity

For more information and answers to any questions you might have, head to the Train Jam FAQ,

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