Train Jam 2017 Application Information

Train Jam 2017 Application Information

Train Jam 2017 is coming round the bend sooner than you’d think, and some information has been released regarding dates, tickets, and logistics we though would be important to help share with our Indie Dev readers and the Community at large.

The Train Jam is a yearly event where indie game dev’s take over a train and game jam there way too GDC. The creations made by the teams are then displayed at GDC. There are some truly fantastic games that come out of this utterly unique event: Take a look at some of our favorites from Train Jam 2016



This year’s Train Jam will be taking place from February 23 through to February 25.

The Train Jam will be departing from Chicago’s Union Station and arriving in Emeryville, CA, just outside of San Francisco.rental This year, there is an entire train just for the Train Jam, including three coach class cars, two sleeper cars, one restaurant car, and two observation cars. The official Train Jam FAQ has additional details concerning what the different room options include include.

Attendees will be able to pick up their information packets February 22, 2017 at an as of yet undetermined location in Chicago, which will also serve as a place to meet and hang out.

The Train Jam GDC booth will be returning again, offering jammers a chance to show off their creations at GDC:

Every Train Jam attendee who submits a game will have their game available to play at the official Train Jam booth. Purchase of a Train Jam ticket does not include access to GDC and your attendance at GDC is not required for your game to be shown at the Train Jam booth.



Train Jam 2017’s tickets will go on sale at 4pm CET Thursday November 24, 2016 . (Please note there is a limit of 2 ticket purchases per order).

Additionally, Train Jam is sponsoring two early application to the train Jam focused on increasing geographic and gender diversity among attendees:

Thanks to our friends at Intel and Cards Against Humanity, we have been able to push our diversity initiatives further than ever before. We have two official focuses on diversifying the attendance of Train Jam 2017 – Geographical diversity and Gender diversity. We have opened up our application process for both of our diversity initiatives, and these applications will be open until 11:59pm Sunday November 20, 2016 PST. Recipients of travel assistance and/or a Train Jam ticket will receive notice by 11:59pm Tuesday November 22, 2016 PDT.

Find the Application for Geographic Diversity here.

Find the Application for Gender Diversity here.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all the Train Jam goings on we can, and you can be sure we’ll be eager to share our favorites from this year’s creations.

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