The Thin Silence Will Donate to Mental Health Awareness Group for Every Copy Sold

The Thin Silence Will Donate to Mental Health Awareness Group for Every Copy Sold

Two PM Studios and Nkidu Games Inc. have announced a partnership between their upcoming title, The Thin Silence, and non-profit organization, Checkpoint,  which supports mental health awareness through the use of video games and technology. This includes donating 10 cents to Checkpoint for each copy of The Thin Silence sold.

Technical Director of The Thin Silence, Ben Follington, also added the following statement:

“When we started making The Thin Silence, we didn’t know we were making a game about mental health. I wasn’t really comfortable with that being a leading theme of the game for a lot of development. There’s a lot of shame and fear about opening up about these things, video games are “fun” after all. Seeing Checkpoint’s work is part of what made me feel like we could and should make a statement and share our perspectives.”

In The Thin Silence, players will play as Ezra as he obtains usable items and combines them in order to solve platforming challenges and other puzzles. A unique feature of the game is the titular thin silence, described by the developer as,

“That sound we can’t hear or describe which somehow gives us the strength to try again and push through obstacles previously insurmountable.”

Watch the trailer for the game below.

The Thin Silence will be available on Steam, Itch, and Humble in Early Access for Windows PC and Mac OSX on April 27, 2018. Additionally, you can check out the informative and helpful Checkpoint video series on their YouTube Channel.

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