The Stomping Land Talks Tracking

The Stomping Land Talks Tracking

In Day 2 of what will no doubt be an exciting week of updates for The Stomping Land, a few details were revealed about how you’re tribe would be able to track, hunt and eventually corner (or at least watch from a distant fern) their dinosaur prey:



The Islands of The Stomping Land are large, and often times it can be difficult to find dinosaurs. But with proper use of the tracking methods, hunters are able to both pinpoint the location of dinosaurs as well as the type of dinosaur at these locations. There are three tools for tracking dinosaurs: The Stars, Footprints, [and] Distant Sound.

Good Lord, it’s like DayZ with Dinosaurs…and I couldn’t be happier! Here’s an old video from The Stomping Land to hold you over until tomorrow’s update, showing off another key aspect: the taming of smaller dinosaurs:


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