The Stomping Land Begins Week of Updates

The Stomping Land Begins Week of Updates

As was announced on Twitter and The Stomping Land Forums last week, this week promises to be a virtual flood of new information, media and tidbits on The Stomping Land, Supercrits’ Dinosuar Hunting, Trapping, and Riding game that I have been eagerly following:

Hey peoples, Monday the 17th will be the start of a very big week for The Stomping Land. There’s still a bit of time before everyone gets to jump in, though next week we’re unveiling all corners of the dinosaur/survival gameplay both competitive and casual, accompanied by lots of new media. Our biggest update preceding the initial release of the game. There will be much to chat about, cya then! – Jig, Stomping Land Forums. March 12

Day 1 of the Week of Updates started today, and brought with it a redesign of the Main Website, which not only looks fantastic, but also gave us a bit more flavor on what to expect with The Stomping Land. In addition, there have been some excelletn additions to the Dinosaur Bestiary:

Stomping Land_Day01_Excerpt

Go Check out the New Website at 

You are a hunter and a scavenger. You survive in a world with dinosaurs, and if any one of them catch you, they will end you in an instant. in fact, you can’t kill most dinosaurs, and the ones that you can don’t provides a sustainable amount of food. It’s the large ones that matter. The ones with bone crushing jaws and skull smashing tails that roam the land and fight each other. It’s up to you to track down these epic prehistoric creatures, let them fight to the death, and then salvage the remains. Be wary though, there are other hunters out there heading to the same food source that you are.

[vimeo url=”″]

There something about The Stomping Land’s core concept that has me enthralled. I love the fact that, from the very start of things, you are low on the food chain, and essentially, will need to be a vulture. It’s not a side of survival that is explored all that often in games, which normally put you in the position of a powerful hunter, or a clever, frontier builder. Putting the player in a place where they will need to use stealth, teamwork, and patience to get into the right position to succeed is an experience I eagerly await!

[vimeo url=”″]

As the week progresses and more updates come our way, we’ll make note of them here, ending the week with a larger recap of everything new we’ve learned about The Stomping Land.







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  1. Can’t Wait To See What Kind Of Action These Dinosaurs Are Packing + These Battles Are Gonna Be Big, Son !

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