The Sounds of Ethan Carter

The Sounds of Ethan Carter

Music is one of the most important things for a game to get right for it to really grab me. A good soundtrack is enough to carry me through a game, but a truly great soundtrack will make me obsessive. The Banner Saga’s soundtrack by Austin Wintory remains my “Get-Work-Done” music, and Darren Korb’s work on Bastion cemented that soundtrack as one that I will happily leave on repeat. So, a first listen, no matter how brief, at a game’s musical direction is certainly something that perks up my ears.

Today, The Astronauts, the team behind the very mysterious The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, released the first preview of their sound track and announced the composer who would be creating the music for their game:


We have the pleasure to announce that the wizard behind the music in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is Mikolai Stroinski.

Mikolai is an award winning composer who creates music for games, films and TV. You may know him from his outstanding score for the Dark Souls 2 trailer. His webpage and samples of his work are here.

When we started looking for a composer, all we knew is that we wanted the music to be an extremely important part of the game. But in our wildest dreams we could not predict to what places Mikolai’s music would take us. Thanks to his talent, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is going to be one unforgettable experience. We hope you’ll agree with us on that one when the game finally comes out.

Attached at the top of this post is a fragment of the work-in-progress version of “Red Creek Valley”, the track played during some exploration segments of the game.

Though we have absolutely no context for “Red Creek Valley”, it gives off exactly the vibe I was hoping for: peaceful and calming…but with just the very slightest hint of mystery. The guitar melody in the background is perfect at turning a peaceful piece into something that makes you feel ever so slightly not at ease, and brings with it the smallest wave of sadness or longing. It’s an impressive first offering from Stroinski for the game, and has me incredibly excited and eager for more.

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