The Road to Play NYC – Shooting For Stars

The Road to Play NYC – Shooting For Stars

Play NYC is less than a week away! As part of our media partnership with Playcrafting, we’ve be highlighting a ton of different indie games, from different genres and backgrounds, in a series we’ve called “The Road to Play NYC“. Each day this week, we’ll try to squeeze in highlights of a few more games you can expect to see this weekend at Play NYC.

Today let’s look to the stars. Then, let’s shoot lasers at them! We’re looking at three shooters set in space, bringing plenty of fast paced action and neon to the show floor of Play NYC.

Super Crome: Bullet PurgatoryStumphead Games


Built with state of the art graphics, SUPER CROME: BULLET PURGATORY is a fast-paced, TOUGH AS NAILS, arcade shooter.  Viewer discretion is advised.

From what I’ve seen of Super Crome (which admittedly isn’t much…yet!), the gameplay seems pretty straightforward and standard: fast paced, arcade-style bullet hell shooter with awesome retro graphics.

However, there’s something lurking under the surface of Super Crome that I think sets it apart. Maybe it’s just the sinister electronic music, or the almost lovecraftian vibe I’m getting from the visuals, but I get the feeling that Super Crome might just be sticking it’s toe in the horror genre. I can’t wait to see what that means!

RocketboomSpace Helix Games


ROCKETBOOM is a casual arcade style shooter that tests your focus, reflexes, and precision. Shoot waves of enemies in space with guided rockets and collect powerups and points to advance through 20 levels of fast paced action!

Let’s blast off into the world of VR! ROCKETBOOM bring the classic arcade shooter to virtual reality. With brightly colored, cartoony graphics set against a galactic backdrop and comfortably nostalgic music and sounds, ROCKETBOOM is immediately inviting, easy to understand and looks like incredible fun to play.

I can see ROCKETBOOM becoming an absolute chaotic, anxiety-inducing trial by fire though. With 360 degrees to watch, I could see the difficulty skyrocketing as the game ramps up the number of enemies, their speed, and their powers. I also happen to think it’d be a blast to try and survive against that.

ROCKETBOOM is coming out in early fall for GearVR and the Oculus Rift

Super Rock BlastersQuadtron Games


Ready up a space ship and destroy your friends in this frenetic multiplayer Asteroids reimagining! In Super Rock Blasters, up to 4 players will wheel around space rocks, dodge ricocheting bullets and blast each other into tiny neon colored giblets.

Finally, lets get some friends in on the space shooting. Super Rock Blasters is a multiplayer reimagining of Asteroids, the original space shooter, so it’d be silly not to give it a spotlight in this roundup.

Super Rock Blasters keeps the classic, simple style of Asteroids, but injects it with a serious dose of neon and synth, and then throws you into the fray. I’m eager to play Super Rock Blasters, but I cannot imagine I’ll actually be any good at it: Keeping track of all the asteroids to you create by blowing up the floating space rocks floating through space is hard enough! Now you expect me to keep track of three other star ships hell bent on blowing me to smithereens?!

Super Rock Blasters is now available on itch.ioSteam, and the Nintendo Switch.

Play NYC 2018 will be taking place August 11th and 12th, at its new venue, The Manhattan Center, in New York City, from 10 am to 8 pm daily.
Tickets are on sale now and start at $30 per person.

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