The Road to PLAY NYC – New Additions

The Road to PLAY NYC – New Additions

Play NYC is on the horizon, still a ways off but fast approaching, and IndieHangover is an official media partner for this year’s show! As part of this partnership, we’ll be highlighting as many indie games as we can manage, from as many different genres and backgrounds, in the form of a weekly series.

Since our last spotlight on indie games that will be shown at this year’s Play NYC, the number of exhibitors has grown to 85, with 17 new exhibitors adding their creationgs to the amazing mix of games that’ll be on display at The Hammerstien on August 11 and 12. This week, lets take a look at some of these new additions:

TigertronJupiter and Mars


Dive into a neon seascape as a dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers and an AI partner takes you into a world transformed by water. Solve puzzles, hunt for treasure, meet legendary sea creatures, shut down the remnants of mankind’s legacy, and bring the bleached underwater world back to life!

I’ll be honest with you, I did not anticipate covering a neon tinted, aquatic post-apocalyptic cooperative puzzle game. I should have learned by now to expected the unexpected when it comes to indie games, but nevertheless, Jupiter and Mars by Tigertron really caught me by surprise. Scheduled for release in 2018 on PS4 and PSVR, its putting you in control of two dolphins, using their echolocation to navigate and locate important items, while exploring this strange, almost surreal ocean post-man.

I’m particularly excited to see Jupiter and Mars in VR. The idea of being immersed in and surrounded by the ocean in virtual reality sounds incredibly cool to me, like a version of floating underwater…except with more neon.


Wyatt Yeong – Red Hot Ricochet


Red Hot Ricochet is a Top-down, twin-stick local multiplayer arena shooter.  Solo play for up to 4 player, and team play from up to 6 players, and a host of powerups. 

We’ve mentioned Red Hot Ricochet before on IndieHangover, as well as Wyatt Yeong’s other game Epitaph. Both are inventive, innovative and incredibly fun, but I’m particularly excited to see Red Hot Ricochet coming to Play NYC because it’s going to be an amazing game to play in a convention setting.

With 2-6 Player shoot em ups, 10 different map layouts each with randomly generated terrain, and the need to use triggernometry, Red Hot Ricochet is exactly the kind of game i want to play with 5 other strangers, getting owned by one guy he says next to nothing and is already and export, or making myself feel more adequate by trouncing a 6 year old. These kinds of games are always a highlight of conventions, as anywhere else it takes a lot more effort to get together 6 people at once for game time, even if it is always a better experience.


ESC Games


ESC Games has developed the next video game platform — a proprietary gaming system where dozens of players compete in casual games and short eSports-style competitions in the same venue. ESC Games brings dozens of players together in mini-eSports arenas.

I’m not quite sure I know what to expect from ESC Games at Play NYC, but I’m fairly positive it’ll be amazing. ESC Games develop game systems for large amounts of people. We’re not taking two teams of five, we’re taking around 30 players. Obviously, this isn’t a small thing to create, but ESC have made a pretty compelling, and absolutley fun platform that is sure to turn a corner of Play NYC into a must see experience.

I’m confident in saying this because at last year’s Play NYC, ESC Games were running games of Pixel Prison Rules, a hilarious game of prisoners and guard, where the two teams have to work together to find means of escape, or make sure that prisoners stay in their cells. I jumped in on these massive games a couple times during the convention, and they were incredible, with teams yelling at each other, great cheers roaring when someone pulled off a particularly daring gambit, or groans of angusih when the opposing team had your teammates cornered.

I see ESC Games becoming kind of a staple feature of gaming conventions in the future, tbh. Everything works so well and is so easy to jump in on that I cannot see it not being a hit with a huge crowd of people. If you’ll be at the 2018 Play NYC, make sure you give whatever game ESC Games has going a whirl.


Glenn Orzepowski – It Happened in Outer Space



IT HAPPENED IN OUTER SPACE, is a side-scrolling infinite runner obstacle course with a sci-fi theme. There are many ships and levels to choose from, plus coins to collect that will unlock additional content.

I actually saw IT HAPPENED IN OUTER SPACE at PLAY NYC last year, just before I left the convention. I was drawn in by the games retro art,  but was quickly impressed by just how fun and well made it was. Glenn’s done a fantastic job polishing the standard formula of the infinite runner, adding in numerous power up and obstacles to keep things fresh, and giving you a reason to keep going, something few infinite runners do unless they’re connected to micro transactions.

IT HAPPENED IN OUTER SPACE is scheduling to be releasing this year for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.


The Deep End Games – Perception… and something else?



Finally this week, lets discuss what we’re likely to see from The Deep End Games at Play NYC.

I have no idea what we’re likely to see from The Deep End Games, but it is likely to involve something spooky.

The Deep End Games booth showcasing their new project, _dark_web_, was one of the best moments for me at this year’s PAX East (read about it here). It got me intrigued, scared and excited to see what Bill and Amanda Gardner can do with an anthology style series after their resounding success with Perception.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have many more previews of the indie game’s you can expect to find at this year’s Play NYC!

Play NYC 2018 will be taking place August 11th and 12th, at its new venue, The Manhattan Center, in New York City, from 10 am to 8 pm daily.
Tickets are on sale now and start at $30 per person.

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