The Road to Play NYC – Just Plain Cool

The Road to Play NYC – Just Plain Cool

Play NYC is less than a week away! As part of our media partnership with Playcrafting, we’ve be highlighting a ton of different indie games, from different genres and backgrounds, in a series we’ve called “The Road to Play NYC“. Each day this week, we’ll try to squeeze in highlights of a few more games you can expect to see this weekend at Play NYC.

I’ve no clever theme, no punny title today for our article. Just three games I looked at at thought: “Hey, that seems neat.” Maybe it’s the concept, Maybe it’s the art style, Maybe it’s just something I ate, but I think these look quite cool, and hopefully you do to!

Modern KnightsinitialPrefabs

Modern Knights is a tactical third person shooter where medieval knights invade a modern town. You, the courier, are part of the resistance, where you must eliminate the enemy commanders in each sector of the city, using the environment and modern weaponry to your advantage.

Now, there’s very little information out there about Modern Knights, just that it’s currently being worked on by initialPrefabs and, as it says above, in a third person shooter where you playing as a knight invading a modern town.

Reread that last bit. A Medieval knight. Invading a modern day town. Okay, now look at that early screen shot. That’s a knight fighting another knight with a Thompson’s machine gun. You need more than that to be interested?! I don’t! I’ll be keeping my eyes on initialPrefabs progress and I’m eager to see what kind of time travel shenanigans are abound.

InitialPrefabs is also working on a custom AI Tool called Dani AI, which you can read more about here.

NOISZ – Anarch Entertainment


NOISZ fuses music game and shoot-em-up elements to create a frantic new experience that demands lightning reflexes, keen sense of rhythm, and judicious decision making! Even shmup and rhythm game veterans will find there’s still a lot to learn… but intuitive core gameplay will ensure that everyone’s quickly blasting away to the beat!

I’m not great at rhythm games, nor am I particularly good at bullet hell shoot-em-ups. I only say this because I think it makes my interest in NOISZ all the more interesting. NOISZ combines these two genres, one part music game, one part shoot into a neon tinted, electronic bit of mayhem. The core of the game seems simple enough, but I have a feeling that, like so many music games, the difficulty is the real thing to worry about.

NOISZ is releasing on Steam on August 31st, and I for one am eager to fail horribly at it trying to succeed,

????? – Moebial


Okay, I’ll admit it: I am a sucker for mystery, and Moebial, a small game studio from Brooklyn working on their first title, without knowing it, have pretty much ensured that i’ll be interested in whatever they are creating. I say “Whatever They are creating” because they have revealed next to nothing about their project, and they’ll be announcing all the details on Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr on the first day of Play NYC.

Rest assured, I’ve already scheduled an interview.

Play NYC 2018 will be taking place August 11th and 12th, at its new venue, The Manhattan Center, in New York City, from 10 am to 8 pm daily.
Tickets are on sale now and start at $30 per person.

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