The Lands of The Stomping Land

The Lands of The Stomping Land

On the final day of The Stomping Land’s week of updates, previews and sneak peaks, we got a look at what to expect in the Land of The Stomping…Land. This isn’t only information about the hostile and mysterious island environment, but also a look at what our campsites might look like and offer us in between hunting trips:

Campsite building includes a totem to connect tribe members, teepee for spawn, fire pit for cooking, and a cage for creature/hostages

Unpredictable rain and fog cycles. Rain prevents footsteps and washes away bright paint. Fog reduces vision greatly.

Deep Caves: Without a torch, caves are pitch black. Torches can be dropped/thrown.


And while it may be a bit outdated, here’s a look at what we can expect with setting up campsites in The Stomping Land:

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