IndieHangover’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015

IndieHangover’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Now that it is finally 2015, time to start counting down the days until some long awaited indie titles finally release! Seven and I are making a “Most Anticipate” choice of the many, MANY excellent looking indie games that are coming out this upcoming year:


To say I was excited about Darkest Dungeon when I first learned about the game is a gross understatement. To say that I am now even more excited with the game coming to early access on February 3rd of this year is a little more accurate. Darkest Dungeon is a Lovecraftian, dark fantasy dungeon crawler being developed by Red Hook Studios which I have written about previously and had a chance to play the game in an early state at PAXEast 2014. The insanity mechanics in the game, which will see your dungeoneering party slowly change for the worse, or possibly better, as they encounter the undead and Old Gods, is the big seller for me on this game. I like the idea of having a team of heroes,people that, based on game logic, should be paragons and fight their way to victory, encountering monsters that are just too horrible for them to deal with. Darkest Dungeon is going to be a game a sink a lot of time into this year.

Other titles to note: The Banner Saga 2, No Man’s Sky, Dash



This should be an amazing year for indies, so narrowing it down to the “Highly Anticipated” few posed quite a problem (mostly because Jacob stole my Darkest Dungeon vote). The last half of 2014 saw the launch of many Early Access titles with an amazing amount of gameplay already baked in (Long Dark, Reassembly, The Escapists), so in an effort to name completely new titles I can’t wait to get my hands on… I’m striking Early Access titles off the list. By and large, the title that I’m dying to play is Memory of a Broken Dimension, and in reflection, “play” may be the wrong description… “experience” may be a tad more fitting. MoaBD is equal parts experimental visual art (I believe it was once displayed as background imagery to an electronic music event) and cerebrally haunting exploration. In fact, as of the Seattle Indies Expo this past September, MoaBD’s developer xra was somewhat unsure as to how much gamification it truly still needed. The game has already peaked the interest of journalists and a small pool of gamers as they begin to pull back the layers and discover this title ripped straight from a William Gibson novel and wrapped in some sort of X-files-esque mystery. No matter what the result, Memory of a Broken Dimension will find a place in the hearts of those who ultimately want to try something so experimental and so different that it’ll undoubtedly achieve cult status right out of the gate.

 Other titles to note:  Flame in the Flood, Fistful of GunSuperhot

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