The Gardens Between Releases Sept 20

The Gardens Between Releases Sept 20

Adventure-Puzzler The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents will be coming out September 20th on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and the Mac App Store.


Follow Arina and Frendt as they venture into a world of reality-warping island gardens rooted in nostalgia. Manipulate time’s flow and help the friends revisit childhood memories by solving puzzles. Follow the duo as they experience an emotional journey revisiting the precious moments they’ve shared together.

We first ran into The Gardens Between at PAX East 2017, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s release. There’s some really phenomenal mechanical ideas at play in the game, not even mentioning it’s gorgeous aesthetics and heartfelt narrative direction. I’m hoping that the puzzle presented will be a bit more meaty than the ones we had a chance to try way back then, so fingers crossed The Voxel Agents stump us!

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