The Emotional Roller Coaster Of That Dragon, Cancer

The Emotional Roller Coaster Of That Dragon, Cancer

Very few games have the ability to get under someone’s skin, pull at their heart strings and play with their emotions… and I honestly cannot think of one that has had such a profound effect as That Dragon, Cancer. While most games attempt to grasp the player in such a way through a fictional-based narrative or relatable characters, nothing compares to the grounding reality of That Dragon, Cancer and its message of hope in such a difficult situation.

The strangest part of writing this… is that I know I cannot play the game. I purchased it upon launch, and cannot bring myself to launch the title. As a parent of two amazing girls, especially with one on the cusp of her first birthday (much like Joel in TDC), I know that this game will rip me a part. In fact, the release trailer on Steam alone had me on the verge of a breakdown in the office. There’s something that, as a parent, ratchets the emotional attachment to Joel that those without children will never understand. This is in no way a bad thing, it’s a very vital thing and really lends a lot credibility to the gaming space for being able to produce such an poignant piece of work.

If you’re looking for a review Andrew Webster of The Verge has a great writeup titled “That Dragon, Cancer is a game that will make you want to hug your kids and never let go“, which honestly deserves an award or at the very least it’s own Steam achievement for play-through as a parent.


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