The Allayi are coming to Endless Legend

The Allayi are coming to Endless Legend

During a celebration of the company’s 5th birthday, known as Endless Days, Amplitude Studios let out a little piece of information that has me excited.

It’s no secret that I consider Endless Legend to be one of, if not the best 4X strategy games created. Beyond just being an excellent game, Amplitude has kept up a breakneck schedule of new releases, adding new units, gameplay elements, and strategies to the game with Guardians and Shadows.And now, with the next expansion Shifters, we will get another faction: The Allayi.



Meet the Allayi, a brand new faction that is coming in Endless Legend’s next content pack: the Shifters. They will be able to shift during winters. All factions will also be able to collect a new resource called the “Pearls of Auriga”, enabling them to unlock new powers through the “Altar of Auriga” and modify the upcoming winters’ impacts.


The Allayi seem sort of bat-like to me, but I get “Lawful Good” vibes from them. TheĀ gorgeous theme song previewed on the live stream by FlyByNo, which continues the incredible high quality of music coming out of Endless Legend, seems hopeful and nomadic to me, and the idea of having a faction whose mechanics rely on the changing seasons of Auriga seems quite interesting.

Besides this, we really know nothing else, but my interest is certainly peaked! Endless Legend and Amplitude are doing a lot to keep their game relevant and on the top of my “Need to Play More” pile.

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