The 13 Brand New Games from the Nindies Summer Showcase

The 13 Brand New Games from the Nindies Summer Showcase

Although some long awaited ports were inexplicably missing (Hollow Knight, Owlboy, and Stardew Valley  just to name a few), and only a few games had solid release dates (despite some games being slated for release next month), the Nindies Summer Showcase still showed plenty of promising indie games. This included ports such as the critically acclaimed Kentucky Route Zero, and the mobile game Mom Hid my Game, and sequels such as Super Meat Boy Forever, Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Steam World Dig 2, and the surprising No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back.

However, the showcase also revealed plenty of  promising new indie games for Nintendo Switch owners to keep an eye out for. Here is a breakdown all 13 of the new indie games revealed in the showcase:

Golf Story

Previously announced in May, and taking inspiration from Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color, Golf Story is a golf based RPG where players will golf their way through an intriguing story, upgrade their various clubs, talk to NPCs, play disc golf, and fly drones. Featuring eight unique environments and courses and the ability to tee up anywhere, Golf Story  is sure to be a hit with fans of games like Mario Golf and Everybody’s Golf. Golf Story will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in September.

Floor Kids

Floor Kids is a hand drawn  rhythm/battle game created by developer Jonjon with an original soundtrack by Kid Koala.  Floor Kids will feature eight different playable characters all with a variety breakdance styles . Floor Kids is slated for a Holiday 2017 release.

Wulver Blade

This hand drawn sidescrolling beat em up features a “historically accurate storyline” and will feature both single player and local co-op.  Wulverblade will be released on Nintendo Switch in September and will come to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One at a later date.

Earth Atlantis

This 2D shooter is set in a post-apocalyptic world covered entirely by water. Described as “an original side scrolling shooter with monster hunting objectives,” players will fight against 25 large sea monsters as well as four different enemy ships. The game will also contain special events the player can complete. Earth Atlantis will release for Nintendo Switch and PC in Fall 2017.

Next Up Hero

Next Up Hero is a new game by some of the same people who made Scribblenauts . When the player dies, they make their corpse run and recruit their former self, eventually forming an army. Next Up Hero will also have a local Co-Op mode.  Next Up Hero will be released for Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2018.


A game developed by Lienzo, Mulaka takes its inspiration from the Tarahuman mythology and culture of northern Mexico.  The player character has the ability to use the powers of the gods to transform into several different animals and will fight against plenty of massive creatures.  Players will also solve plenty of puzzles and create a variety of magic potions. Mulaka will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018. The Nintendo Switch version will have some exclusive features which are unknown at this time.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants

In this Legend of Zelda inspired game, players take on the role of an adorable elephant named Yono, to solve puzzles with their trunk and fight enemies by spraying air, water, and even fire at them. Players will also get the chance to find various treasures and upgrades throughout the game’s world. Yono and the Celestial Elephants  will be released for Nintendo Switch and PC on October 12.

Dragon: Marked For Death

The newest game by Inti Creates, the creators of Mighty Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt, Dragon: Marked for Death is a Co-Op sidescrolling RPG where players will make a pat with a dragon in order to learn and upgrade various skills and abilities. Players will be able to play as one of four Dragonkin characters: The Princess, Warrior, Shinobi, and Witch, respectively. Each of these characters has their own unique strengths and abilities. Dragon: Marked for Death  also boasts  “dozens and dozens of hours worth of gameplay” with expansive single stages, over 30 main quests, and plenty of side quests to complete. Dragon: Marked For Death will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in Winter 2017.

Battle Chef Brigade

Part sidescrolling RPG and part match 3 cooking game, and featuring 2D hand drawn animation, Battle Chef Brigade will have the player take on the role of three different chefs in a typical RPG world where they will have to fight against monsters to collect the ingredients for their dishes. Battle Chef Brigade will release on Nintendo Switch Holiday 2017, and on PlayStation 4 and PC at a later date.

Morphie’s Law

A four on four “Robot Morphology” multiplayer shooter where the players take on the role of Day of the Dead inspired robots. Players who perform well will increase in size, becoming an easy target, while player who don’t do well will become smaller and more difficult to hit. The characters may also have a variety of bigger and smaller body parts , depending on which body parts they or other players hit, Each team has an avatar which increases in size when they are doing well, and the team with the largest avatar wins. There will also be several different game modes to play. Morphie’s Law  will release sometime this Winter for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Sausage Sports Club

Imagine the physics of games like Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat combined with a sports game, that’s Sausage Sports Club in a nutshell.

In Sausage Sports Club, up to eight players will participate a variety of physics-based party games  as a variety of sausage shaped animal characters. The game will also feature unique HD Rumble features and option Joy-Con motion controls, Sausage Sports Club will be released for Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in Fall 2017,

Light Fingers

In this turn based tabletop inspired adventure game, up to four players can adventure around a procedurally generated “Clock Work Board.” Light Fingers will release on Nintendo Switch and PC in Early 2018.

Nine Parchments

This Gauntlet inspired game for up to four players features a stronger focus on spell casting. As players progress through the game they’ll improve their magic, unlock additional characters, and level up.  Nine Parchments will be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Holiday 2017.

Those are all the brand new indie games announced for release on Nintendo Switch during the Nindies Summer Showcase. They may not all be exclusive to the system, but they will now all be available to be played on the go. Make sure to look out for even more previously unannounced games and release dates at PAX West this weekend.

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