Super Dwarf Madness on Hiatus

Super Dwarf Madness on Hiatus

We heard some sad news last week from Callen Shaw of The Unallied; Super Dwarf Madness is on indefinite hiatus moving forward.

This choice is based on a number of factors, which Shaw detailed in a Kickstarter update published on April 5th.

I’ve been spreading myself very thin! I’ve been showing SDM at (and trying to shoulder into) conventions, doing contract work (to pay for artists’ contract work), developing a few experimental games (like my first VR game), accepting a board position in the IGDA (local D.C. chapter), and cultivating indie dev enthusiast groups in the area (free play testing!).

In November I traded up from unreliable contract work, accepting a full-time position at a local app and game studio. I’m still trying to juggle these other responsibilities, and dedicate at least a few hours each week to getting my indie development back on track.

Three events I thought would be sure-fire successes all fell through. First was VGU (Video Games United), and it’s hard to even type those three letters without feeling strong anger / disappointment. The previously-mentioned Smithsonian Indie Arcade went from an amazing opportunity to a total failure. Finally, my rejection from the MAGFest indie showcase – at my favorite regional convention – still hurts to think about. Being candid, this all hurts to think about, which is yet another reason why a hiatus is necessary.

Financially and emotionally, I don’t have enough resources right now. Lacking my team, working the “9 to 5”, and not knowing the path forward, I need time to regroup, assess, and plan the next steps.

Like I’ve mentioned before, “Life Happens” is a very real fact of Indie Development. There more details on the hurdles that Shaw has come up against in his post, and I’d encourage anyone who can to give it a read, particularly if they are at all involved in Independent development.

We wish Callen all the best in his new job, and in securing funding and time to complete Super Dwarf Madness.


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