Sunless Sea goes deeper with Zubmariner

Sunless Sea goes deeper with Zubmariner

I, rather unfortunately, only really started playing Sunless Sea a couple of weeks ago. The game, which is both and evolution and refrence to Failbetter’s previous Facebook game Fallen London (which has the honor of being the only Facebook game I ever played with any true dedication), puts you at the helm of steam ship in the Unterzee; a vast and terrifying ocean under the earth crust inhabited by Lovecraftian monsters, mad wanderers and soulless seafarers. While it may be slow at times (which only adds to the atmosphere), it’s fantastically written, has superb art, and creates a wholly engrossing atmosphere.

I haven’t even really dived into the game and now Failbetter is telling me I need to dive deeper…UNDER the Zee.


Zubmariner is Sunless Sea‘s first expansion, and as you can see will have us manning a Zubmarine to explore the depths of the Sunless Sea. Why we’d want to do this…I have no idea, but I’m still excited to see what new stories, crew members and monsters will be revealed. They’ll need to make sure that the risk of diving under the waves is balanced by rewards, or else I’m not sure what kind of incentive I’ll have to actually outfit my ship to be a Zubmarine, but I’m sure this will all become clear in time.

Zubmariner is still in Alpha, so don’t expect to be yelling “Dive, Dive, Dive” just yet…

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