Stugan Talks Tutorials

Stugan Talks Tutorials

I found a cool new thing to follow over the weekend that I wanted to share and raise awareness of with our followers and readers:  The Stugan, specifically Kate Grey, have started a sort of visual podcast titled “TUTORIALS”. In it, Kate will be talking to people currently at Stugan about different aspects of game development.

For those who are unaware, Stugan is non-profit accelerator program which transplants a collection of up and coming game developers into the middle of the woods for two months to let them incubate, create and produce free from the normal stresses of the everyday. We previously talked about this fantastic experience during our interview with Bryan Gale on his game Induction, who was a participant in the 2015 Stugan.

The first episode, titled “The Indie Marketing Hustle”, is a conversation with Ben Myres and Cukia Kimani of Nyamakop (the guys working on Semblance) and has tons of good tips, tricks and pointers on how to get people excited about your game.



The second episode, which is what grabbed my attention this weekend, is titled “UI is not a Dirty Word”, and is a conversation with  Lucy Morris and Mario Carballo Zama about what makes a good UI and how to make one.


Great stuff, well worth a like and a sub!

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