Starbound Approaches v1.0

Starbound Approaches v1.0

On the Chucklefish blog today, Tiy published an extensive post detailing the final changes and goals in Starbound that need to be completed before they can get to that coveted 1.0 status. It’s a great look at the end stages of development of game.

Hello Guys,

I’ve decided here would be a good place to talk about what’s left to do in getting to Starbound 1.0, as this post is going to be full of spoilers and I’d rather not post it on the Starbound front page for unsuspecting visitors. So SPOILERS AHEAD! I’d suggest ignoring this post entirely if you just want the best Starbound experience, but I know some people out there are very interested in development.

Of course everything here is subject to change, nothing is a promise or a contract. It’s purely what we’re working on right now.

So first I wanted to share a diagram of the games crafting progression. This isn’t entirely all inclusive and definitely doesn’t contain every item you can possibly craft. But it will give you a sense of the overall path through the game in terms of producing new tech and can be compared with the nightly builds to track progress to completion.

It’s well worth you time to read the entire post, as well as look at the full tech tree and the biome diagrams….unless of course you don’t want spoilers!

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