Starborne: Sovereign Space Launches Alpha

Starborne: Sovereign Space Launches Alpha

Some time ago, we interviewed developer Arelius Areliusarsson of Solid Clouds on Starborne: Sovereign Space, an indie mmo RTS that captured my attention due to it’s innovative mechanics, design and ambition.

Well, after much iteration and work, The Team at Solid Clouds is ready to show us a little bit of what to expect with Starborne, and are opening up the first complete test with an alpha launching today!

The alpha test will be three months longs, and will begin on October 30th at 18:00 UTC.

Interested players can download the game on shortly before everything  goes live.


Starborne is a new and ambitious take on the strategy genre. The idea behind the game is to combine the best elements from 4X empire building games like Civilization with the real time, multiplayer mechanics of MMORTS games like Tribal Wars and Travian. Players take on the role of a space commander and need to compete or collaborate with thousands of players to take control of the galaxy. Forge alliances, wage wars and expand your space station into a galactic empire along the way.

Part of what has me most excited to give Starborne a try is the scope and scale of the game. The entire thing takes place on a massive, seamless map which can support up to 5130 concurrent players. Starborne also seems like it’s going to take place at a much slower pace in its persistent universe, and games of Starborne are predicted to take months to reach the endgame. To me, this has the makings of an intense, dedicated fanbase in the vein of EVE.

“We learned a lot from our late 2017 test, we had to take stock of what was working well and what could be improved.  This release marks the first time you can truly complete an entire game of Starborne, we’ve really improved all our endgame mechanics and intermediate goal setting. These will be the last rounds of alpha tests before an Open Beta launch in April 2019.” – Stefán, CEO of Solid Cloud

Here’s a list of the Newes Alpha 2018 Features:
-Completely revamped game world and new UI style
-Endgame super structures
-Game world doubled in size, now supporting 5130 concurrent players
-Stations skill trees now lead to creation of companies
-Endgame confederacies introduced (Alliance of player alliances)
-Alliances can now build structures
-Empire policy skill trees
-Module cards – brand new card type
-The Recon – brand new ship type
-Fleet fights are now rendered on the map


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