Spotlight: Volantia

Spotlight: Volantia

Volantia was actually the very first game I looked at during PAX East 2018. During my initial get-my-bearings walk around the con floor, Marc from Tangled Mess Studios  grabbed my attention, and ushered me to sit down and play the demo of Volantia. I’m glad he did, becuase the game’s cute aesthetic hides a rich resource management games that adds a whole other resource to manage: the very land you’re building on.



Transport yourself to a lush kingdom in the sky as you create, explore, build, and optimize a thriving new ecosystem amongst the clouds. Amidst the lush greenpunk landscape, rotate and conjoin fragments of land onto your floating island to stabilize it, and stop it from crumbling to its demise.

Volantia has all the hallmarks of a great city management game: workers to order about, roads to build, food and tech to collect, store and make use of. However, in other games like  this, the terrain may present challenges, but is ultimately there for you to expand into until you reach the edge of the map. It’s essentially the opposite in Volantia; as you’re building this community on a floating island.

You’ll start on a small plot of land with some basic resources and a magical obelisk you’ll need to keep active to avoid plummeting out of the sky. As you progress, your sages/scientists will find new hunks of land that can be added to your play area. These cannot be rotated or overlap with existing land (at least until later in the game), so you’re never really presented with a perfect hunk of earth to place, and a lot of Volantia is making do with the terrain your given.

This might sound stressful, but thanks to the game’s gorgeous artwork and soundtrack, it’s actually an unexpected and calming experience that ends up being a mix of kingdom management and puzzle game. efficient design is crucial for the kingdom’s survival.

Volantia is being made by Tangled Mess Games, a small indie studio from Cape Town, South African with a host of large and small game releases already under their belt.

Volantia will be launching on Steam on May 3rd 2018


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