Spotlight: Pocket Penguin

Spotlight: Pocket Penguin

Recently, a Kickstarter campaign for Game Boy inspired retro platformer Pocket Penguin caught my eye.

Created by Mexico City based developer Dog Biscuit and influenced by the likes of Kirby and Bomberman, Pocket Penguin stars a blue penguin name Pichi, who gets separated from the other penguins after a polar bear named Nanuk attacks and steals their fishing boat, the S.S. Ushuaia, and kidnaps the crew.

Similar to indie titles such as Save Me Mr Tako, Pocket Penguin emulates the feeling of a platformer on the original Game Boy. The main gameplay mechanic used is placing bombs in the correct spots and at the right time to get rid of enemies and obstacles, but can also use these bombs as extra platforms. Besides the typical platformer ground based levels, Pocket Penguin will also include water levels with gameplay similar to a shoot’em up.

Pocket Penguin will feature original pixel art, many levels through five different environments, and a soundtrack which uses the original Game Boy sound chip. Stretch goals include a port for OS X and Linux, a Nintendo Switch version, a Game Boy Color mode, a  concept art booklet, and extra animation.

As of writing, there are only 12 days left for Pocket Penguin to reach it’s modest $6, 417 initial goal, so if you want to contribute you’ll have to do it soon. Additionally, a demo for PC is available through the Kickstarter page where you can get a brief taste of the game if you’re uncertain about it.

Pocket Penguin has an estimated release window of Summer 2019.

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