Spotlight: Planet Protection Force Ultra

Spotlight: Planet Protection Force Ultra

We first met Danny Nanni at the 2016 Boston Festival of Indie Games. He’s the audio and visual designer of Lightning, a bizarre and very loud (in ALL meanings of that word) party game that we loved.

Yesterday, Danny released a new solo game on for free called Planet Protection Force Ultra that features a very unique and engrossing mechanic:



Planet Protection Force Ultra is a love letter, vignette sort of game for me. I love 2D space shooters – doesn’t matter if there’s too many of them.

Something I wanted to explore was how to make movement interesting. A cool thing happened when I started play testing the game myself and having to control both ships with one controller on my own and I want you to give it a whirl.

The concept is remarkably simple, and yet incredibly difficult to master: You have two ships defending Earth, one yellow and one red. Each ship has one half of Earth to defend, but that sector slowly rotates, so that the Red zZne slowly turn from the right side of Earth into the left side, and vice versa. This mechanic plays incredible tricks on your mind and makes a situation/genre we’ve all seen before well nostalgic and yet wonderfully challenging all at the same time.

Oh, yeah, by the way, this mechanic makes  this game fricken’ hard, or at least it did for me.

As mentioned above, Planet Protection Force Ultra is available on for free or pay what you want if you’d like to support to Danny.

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