Spotlight: Plague the Peasants by Frost Lab Studios

Spotlight: Plague the Peasants by Frost Lab Studios

In all my pre-Play NYC emails and correspondence with devs, there was one game in particular that jumped out at me and made me say “Whelp, I can’t wait to play this”. That game was Plague the Peasants.

Plague the Peasanst by Frost Lab Studios is a real time strategy game where you are placed in the role of a particularly nasty plague during the Middle Ages. You goal, as the plague, is to wipe out and “conquer” towns and villages by infecting and spreading through peasants, rats, and food.

For such a simple mechanic, there’s a suprising amount of strategy that goes into Plague the Peasant. While the peasants themselves do not have any special abilities, there are Plague Doctors, Blacksmiths, Priests and other special character that force you to do more than simply click on the peasants until they keel over.

As your plague cloud hovers over the peasants, their resistance meter, a yellow bar under their health, will drop. Once this is removed, they’ll become infected and loose health over time.

The strategy comes in with the fact that peasants do get better over time, and certain special units will heal them, or might have much more resistance to the plague, meaning you’ll have to devote more time and energy to bringing them down, but if they are infected and your disease has been built correctly, they could be a potent means of spreading the plague.

Ass you progress, you’ll gain points to upgrade your individual means of spreading plague, be it air-born cloud, carried on rats, or other means of transference, and modifiers to the infection, such as a hacking cough or a fever that might make the infected peasants spread the disease more easily as they wander about town.

Plague the Peasants art style is a wonderful contrast to the rather morbid goal of the game, with exaggerated peasantry haplessly strolling about the villages you’ve come to eradicate. The black comedy that’s been paired with this digital version of the black death is a great combination, and I cannot wait to see how far the developers push this.

Plague the Peasants is currently in development, and you can sign up to be part of the forthcoming beta here.


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