Meow Wars: Mobile Card Game with Everything Cat

Meow Wars is a mobile card game with a cat twist, to be released for iOS and Android on August 8th.

Spotlight: Meow Wars

Meow Wars is what often starts in a house after a new cat is adopted… but it’s also an upcoming casual fast-paced card game for iOS and Android with a heavy cat twist, made by the Seattle-based team of Taco Truck Games. Cat puns, cat noises and original cat art are all there, as well as catchy background music.


You play as Secret Agent Alfie, a new recruit to FURR (Feline Ultra Rescue Rangers) organization. Guided by Lieutenant Luna, a white commander-cat, you need to defeat other cats in short and fast-paced matches, building your card deck as you play. Beware of their tricks – each opPAWnent has a special ability card that you can get too, but only if you win. Water Gun, Catnip, Litterbox – all the good cat stuff at your service.

Meow Wars also doesn’t require pre-game deck building, which makes it a purrfect game to play when you’re busy, have a cat in your lap but desperately need to pee, or with friends at a cat-lovers gathering. (It has a Versus mode!)

“What happens if I do this?” – this excitement most people probably remember since about the age of 3 is fully satisfied in Meow Wars. Attacking a special ability card with the same ability and see them interact is almost as fun as watch two antivirus programs fight each other.

Despite the game’s seeming simplicity, it’s addictive enough thanks to the storyline and constant discovery: once Lieutenant Luna instructs you before the next mission, you just can’t help trying to win the opponent’s ability card, and then try it out in the next battle with a new feline villain.


As you go through locations Luna sends you to, and defeat the bad meow-guys and girls, you get their special ability cards. What happens when you’re done? Consider yourself experienced enough to go battle in the wild: against a local bot, with other cat people online, or with friends in closed multiplayer session.

Meow Wars launch on iOS and Android is scheduled for August 8th — International Cat Day. The game has been localized in 11 languages including Meow.

This preview is based on a Beta build of the game. This means that things are subject to change, and this preview may not show off all features of the game. If you have questions about the game, don’t hesitate to ask!

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