Spotlight: Laser League

Spotlight: Laser League

After having played a bunch of Aftercharge on Friday, I was trolling through the Steam Store and happened upon Laser League. It was in Open Beta for the weekend, was free, and had lasers, so I thought; “Huh, Why not give it a shot! It’s Indie! Lasers!”

I proceeded to spend much of the weekend then playing the game, and I think we may have a winner folks:

Laser League, the multiplayer future sport competition that offers an unprecedented gaming experience, continues its successful Beta program welcoming new and returning players to Open Beta, including 3 impressive international stadiums with a total of 12 intensely challenging maps to master, 6 player classes, special abilities and modifiers, fully customizable characters and 2v2 and 3v3 matches.

The easiest way I found to describe Laser League is that it is what you get if you introduce INVERSUS and Rocket League, they go out for a nice meal, bond, find mutual interests, form a long-lasting relationship and have a child…made of lasers. (okay, that may not be THAT easy)

It’s got the hectic, second-to-second action and competitive sports mentality of Rocket League, the wall wrapping and puzzle-esq level design aspect of INVERSUS, and adds to this some incredibly interesting class play, setting up interesting tactics, potent combos, and more than a few cool things that probably will be balanced out by launch.


Basically, this is just a way for me to put Laser League on your radar. I think that Roll7 have really crafted something that has the makings of a staple in your game’s library. I had tons of fun with the open beta, got a few friends in to it as well, and will eagerly be watching and waiting to play it again.

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