Spotlight: Joggernauts

Spotlight: Joggernauts

Joggernauts is an auto-runner party game by Space Mace. Unlike other games in the auto-runner genre where all that’s needed is a press of a button or the swipe of a finger, this particular game has a twist. Joggernauts is a cooperative experience for two to four players and each player has to collect their corresponding color while switching positions and avoiding obstacles. Switching between teammates is as easy as the press of a button, but this is easier said than done and communication is key.

I had the chance to play with developer, Zach Johnson at the Media Indie Exchange during GDC. Not being accustomed to the Xbox controller being used took a few minutes to adjust to, but refamiliarizing myself with the controller allowed me to better understand the game during the second run. Normally I’m not a fan of endless runner games, but the co-op gameplay and color coded collectibles and obstacles help Joggernauts stand out among the competition. I’m sure the game becomes even more chaotic adding one or two more players into the mix.

Joggernauts is also notable for receiving several awards prior to release such as “Best Musical Score” and “Best Indie Game” at 2D Con in 2016, and has been featured in over 15 indie game selections at events since late 2015.

Joggernauts is planned to launch on consoles and Steam later this year.

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