Spotlight: Fugl by Johan Gjestland

Spotlight: Fugl by Johan Gjestland

As gamers, we all know how exhilarating an action or adventure game can be, how it can get you whooping and cheering at successes, and screaming in despair at failures. It’s part of what makes games so exciting, but sometimes, you need something a little bit different.

Game’s that embrace the feeling of calm that immersion can provide are some of my favorite. Sometimes, you don’t want something fast paced. Sometimes, you just want to kick back with your beverage of choice, take in a fantastic, imaginative landscape, and let the game lead you somewhere wonderful.

Fugl, which is currently on Steam Greenlight, promises this exact kind of experience, rendered in voxel graphics and told through the wings of a bird.



Experience life as a voxel bird in a beautiful and endless procedurally generated voxel world. Fugl is a game with few rules, where the you make your own emergent story as you make your way through the landscapes.

Fugl revolves around a procedurally generated world, full of wildlife to observe from the air. It has already been stated that the game will have numerous biomes or themes, ranging from the fairly grounded jungle and artic landscapes, to more alien and fantastical environments.

All of this is observed from the eyes of an eagle, and thus from the air. It’s an interesting decision, as this removes you in some ways from much of the world beneath you. Don’t misunderstand me; there’s still a lot of interaction between the bird you play as and the other creatures of the world, as you’ll be able to join flocks of different birds, absorb the abilities of creatures you meet, and act either as an airborne predator or a passive observer.

However, you are looking at the world both figuratively and literally from a bird’s-eye view. You’re meant to take in these vast landscape in their near entirety, planning your route through the environment on a large scale. Over time, your decisions on which other animals you interact with, and where you choose to fly develop a narrative all your own. It’s an incredibly open-ended invitation to explore, and one that has me eager to see what secrets may lie over the next hill.

Fugl is being developed by Johan Gjestland, and as mentioned earlier, is currently on Steam Greenlight. It is expected to release into Steam Early access 2nd Quarter of 2017, but as is the case with so many Indie projects, this is of course subject to change.


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