Spotlight: From Rust

Spotlight: From Rust

One of the game’s I was most excited to see at Play NYC this past weekend was From Rust, the new cooperative Trading Card Game being developed by Razbury Games.

Horrible patchwork abominations of scrap metal roam the world, looking for survivors to stomp out or metals to hoard. Gather your friends and your deck of cards, and get down to the surface to fight machines for glory, loot, and the good of humanity.

From Rust is built around the idea of a party scavenging a post apocalyptic wasteland, working together to survive. The demo I played at Play NYC had four distinct heroes, each with different strength, speed and special skills. In the demo, I controlled all four, but the idea is that this would be up to four other additional players, each with their own constructed deck, bring different abilities and monsters to our journey.

Each round of play in From Rust represents a day of scavenging the wasteland. Before starting this, you’ll have to divide up into parties. Each party uses the slowest speed characteristic (which also determines how many cards you draw), but more characters in a party means more abilities and actions are available in whatever challenges or combats they might encounter. There’s a nice bit of strategy at play here between teaming up for survivability or spreading out for card draw, and I can already see this having some great tactical impacts on the game and how you construct your decks.



On each day/round, each character draws a number of cards from the deck equal to their speed characteristic, or the parties lowest speed. These cards can be anything from piles of scrap (currency), items to be used later, equipment, or roving robots intent of reducing you to a red paste. It plays a little differently from other card games I’ve played, but is easy to understand quickly. The UI and animation of the game’s cards, attacks, and other elements already are full of fantastic, almost tongue-in-cheek character, even at this early stage in development. Art, UI and animation will no doubt shuffle and change as work continues, but at it’s core, From Rust is already an incredibly solid experience, and super fun to play.



The demo I played ended with a fight against a behemoth, a massive fire-belching monstrosity. Before facing it, I was prompted to use the scrap I had collected to construct a ray gun that would jam it’s ability to repair itself, previewing not only the crafting system, but how equipment works in the game. You’ll be able to craft weapons, armor and tools for your hero which will have a huge range of different effect, adding one more layer of customization and strategy, particularly when you think of the game as a cooperative exprience.



While playing the demo of From Rust, I was flooded with fond memories of constructing dungeon parties during my days in World of Warcraft of Guild Wars 2: each player is responsible for kitting themselves out with useful equipment, spells and abilities, and then they have to work together as a group to defeat the challenge ahead of them.

The cooperative experience that From Rust is building is that experience of MMO dungeoneering  distilled down into a card game, offering tons of options in deck building with crafted equipment,  powerful interplay between heroes, and element of self determined difficulty.

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