Spotlight: Exposure by The Sheep’s Meow

Spotlight: Exposure by The Sheep’s Meow

If there’s one thing that all game’s do, it’s let you know where you, the player, or the item/person/character you are controlling is while playing the game.

What if a game didn’t?
That is, in part, the premise of Exposure: A Game of Camouflage, a game which asks you to survive in a hostile environment and to adapt to seeing without looking.



Survive in an evolving environment by morphing between light & dark forms to camouflage from your predators. But be careful: you won’t be able to see yourself either. See without looking.

Exposure is the creation of GJ Lee & Brian S. Chung of The Sheep’s Meow, an independent game development studio from the NYC area, and is both intuitive and unusual at the same time. Something akin to a bullet hell, with a complete and utter lack of both shooting and bullets, Exposure cast you in the role of a blobby little creature, able to change from white to black. You’re thrust into a world of predators eager to scoff you and your babies up for a snack, and with no offensive capabilities, you’re only recourse is to hide. You’ll do this by changing color to match the psychedelic  and abstract minimalist  background art, obscuring yourself from both the enemy creatures…AND your eyes as a player. There are over 36 unique branching level paths, as well as a number of bosses to encounter.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to play Exposure at PlayNYC, as well as meet with and talk to the dev’s. It is instantly a unique experience, focusing on stealth in a way no other game does, in which to instantly know what you need to do, but you’ll feel your body and video game muscle memory fighting you as you do it. It’s a compelling experience because you have to relearn how to act in situations you’ve encountered time and time again in other games, but you cannot deal with them in the same way. You have to learn how to know where you’re going without seeing yourself and it takes some getting used to, even if the concept is simple: there years and years of aggressive gaming decisions to fight against. It’s challenging, intuitive, abstract and compelling all at the same time and I cannot wait to get my hands on the complete game..

The game was greenlit on Steam before Greenlight’s departure and the team have been developing it for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One, tentatively with a price point of $9.99..

Currently, the launch is expected in the first part of 2018.

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