Spotlight: Cede

Spotlight: Cede

When I received the press email for Cede, my PAX Schedule was already pretty full, but I immediately new I needed to make room for it. The email included a enthusiastic and fun pitch for the game from developer Edwin Jack, and took the extra step of putting words with a face before the con.

Besides, I had to find out what this whole “Combat Farming” thing was. Arriving at the booth, I was handed a controller and let loose on the pre-alpha demo of Cede:

NOTE: The following gameplay was recorded Post-PAX, but if the same build of the game that was shown at the convetion. 


At it’s most basic, Cede is a 3D Action-RPG where you control the main character Seph, and, with the help of your Lil Boi’s, you’re tasked with regrowing a post-apocalyptic wasteland, ruined by he death of his father and the betrayal of his five brothers, that cracked your planet into myriad pieces  .

The main mechanic of the game is this much talked about combat farming. Your goal in the game is to regrow the land, and you do this by defeating enemies, which burst into seeds, transforming the terrain and giving you the opportunity to grow combative vegetation with the help of your Lil Boi helpers. These plants can be picked up, moved about, and allow you to build your own unique strategy to take out enemies, giving the game a hint of tower defense.

I think that the Lil Bois already show a ton of gameplay and tactical potential, as you’ll be able to switch between up to 3 of the Lil Boi’s at once, each with unique Combat Farming abilities. Being able to tailor the types of plants you grow as you take on the hordes of enemies has a ton of potential. Cede, at least in its current form, can be played defensively, growing a massive forest of floral turrets and slowly expanding it, or aggressively, striking out into the horde of baddies, towing along a healing plant to keep you alive. The fact that either way seems viable, at least in the game’s present state, is a fantastic sign.

Cede is still very much in the alpha stages of development, but I think it has a ton of potential, and I haven’t even touched on the fact that you’ll be able to bring materials you find in the worlds you fight over back to your own personal hub farm to grow crops, and then use those crops to level up your Lil Boi, making them stronger!

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