Spellweaver Launches on February 1st

Spellweaver Launches on February 1st

I have played a lot of Hearthstone and a lot of Magic: The Gathering in my life as a nerd. Collectible Card games may have become more digital as time has marched on, but they are still a staple of gaming, and I don’t think you really earn your “Nerd Badge” until you’ve dropped enough money on card booster packs to make yourself feel just a little bit ashamed. So, when I heard about Spellweaver, a new collectible card game coming to Steam on February 1st, and that it was being described as a mixture of Hearthstone and Magic, I was intrigued. Then, I found out that a  Bulgarian National Champion Magic the Gathering player named Ivko Stanilov was actually behind the creation of the game. A Magic/Hearthstone hybrid created by a Tournament winning Magic player?! Oh, this has gotta be good….


Spellweaver has a lot of cool features to look forward to, and clearly seems to have been with flexibility and competitive play in mind. The addition of a third stat in addition to the classic duo of Health and Damage in the form of speed seems like its going to create a new element in deck building, and launching with Tournament support is a VERY smart idea in our environment of growing e-sports. Here is a breakdown of Spellweaver’s main features:

Hero Skills – 18 different heroes are available, each with their own unique ability. Additionally, each hero can equip 2 additional skills during play, allowing the creation of thousands of different hero combinations.

  • 6 Aspects (Colors) To Mix – Freely mix your hero’s aspect with the 5 others for a wide variety of deck combinations. Elves with undead, wizards and priests, the possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Creature Speed – Creatures are comprised of 3 attack stats instead of just two. Health and Damage, as you’d find in most other games, but also Speed. Creatures with higher speed can not be blocked by creatures with lower speed, but as a result tend to have weaker stats or higher costs. It is important for a competitive deck to have a solution to both high and low speed enemies!

  • Support Line – Combat in Spellweaver primarily takes place on the front line of the playing field. However, each player has a support line in front of them as well. The support line creatures cannot attack without a special ability, but are also immune to creatures attacking them. Dealing with dangers on the support line is another important principle for competitive play!

  • World Map & Quests – Spellweaver is a free to play game with a generous supply of daily quests and rewards to earn. The team strongly believes in allowing a dedicated player the opportunity to earn enough money and cards to create any competitive deck they want. Payment may get you there faster, but with plenty of AI enemies and friendly matches to play, there’s no shortage of ways to earn your deck the hard way.

  • Built in Tournaments – With multiple different tournament styles, each with their own unique sets of challenges, there’s no end to the challenges and triumphs you can experience. Some tournaments are free, others require tickets, which can be earned via quests or purchased. Fame, glory, and cosmetic upgrades await the victors!

I think my only concern for Spellweaver is market saturation. Magic and Hearthstone have a pretty firm hold on the TCG player base, and it may be difficult for an Indie company from Bulgaria to break into this field. This has nothing to do with the quality of the game and simply a nature of the type of game being produced. However, I said the same exact thing about Smite when it launched, and with enough unique elements, that game still continues to grow and thrive.

I’m hopeful that this will be the case for Spellweaver as well, and the Dev Team give me hope; in a Youtube video released earlier this month, the passion for the project is clearly visible, and it’s always fantastic to see  a team that has put so much of themselves into their creation.

Spellweaver launches on February 1st, is Free-to-play and will be available on Steam. Open Beta is currently in progress, so jump in if you’d like to get an early start!

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