Sparklite Receives October Release Window and Signature Edition

Sparklite Receives October Release Window and Signature Edition

Developer Red Blue Games and publisher Merge Games have announce that the retro inspired action adventure game, Sparklite, will be released in October for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to the digital version, Sparklite will also be receiving a physical Signature Edition for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Signature Edition will include a region free copy of Sparklite, a Signature Edition sleeve and box, an original CD soundtrack, a Nano Block figure, and a numbered certificate. Pre-orders for the Signature Edition of Sparklite will go live at 7 AM PST/10 AM EST/4 PM CEST on June 28th.

Featuring the heroine Ada trying to prevent the Baron from taking over the land of Geodia by obtaining the sparklite core, a more detailed summary of the game has been provided by the publisher:

Everything in the world of Geodia is tied together by Sparklite… it’s the life force of the planet, and the inhabitants have learned how to channel it for their own gain. The blue, glowing ore can be harnessed providing a low-level, rechargeable power source, or it can be consumed for a huge surge of power with grave consequences. Geodia’s self-titled “Baron” has devised a plot to mine the world’s Sparklite core to meet his own ends. Mining Sparklite in large quantities, the Baron repurposes the ore to fuel his powerful war machines, but the pollution from the consumed Sparklite is corrupting the world. Animals have turned into violent monsters, and the environment is rotting away.

The stricken land of Geodia has a natural defense in its Sparklite core. Periodically, the core causes a Disruption which rearranges the world, setting back the Baron’s efforts. Our heroine, Ada, must stop the Baron before he can obtain the core and gain the power to create a new world in which he has ultimate power. A plucky mechanic, Ada will need to use her cunning and skills to defeat the Baron’s henchmen across five distinct zones. Ada will have to work with Geodia’s weird and wonderful inhabitants if she’s to face the Baron and put paid to his deadly plans before it’s too late.

In addition to what was mentioned in in summary, Sparklite will also feature plenty collectibles, a two player co-op mode, a retro pixel art aesthetic, and a Gamecube inspired soundtrack by Wizard of Legend composer Dale North.

Watch the trailer below. You can also read about our first impressions of Sparklite from both PAX East 2018 and GDC 2019.

Sparklite will launch in October for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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  1. I look forward to this game, but the best modern rogue-like game (in the last five years) is certainly Wizards of Legends ( Hopefully Sparklight gets closer to it in quality.

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