Slime-san: Creator Coming to Steam

Slime-san: Creator Coming to Steam

Indie Developer Fabraz recently announced the upcomming release of Slime-san: Creator, the much anticipated addition of a level editor to Slime-san, which will give you the tool to craft platforming levels with precision and ease, using nearly all elements, mechanics and enemies from Slime-san and the ability to share your creations with the Slime-san player community!

Slime-san: Creator features an intuitive UI (including full gamepad support!) and introduces you gently to the creation process until you’re able to create fantastic (and cruel) levels on your own. Besides several mechanics and enemies, you can choose from a plethora of customization options which enables you to create truly unique levels for other players to enjoy and play online.

Slime-san: Creator will be available as a free update to the game, and is currently set to be available in early December.

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