Skorcery Comes to PS4 April 4th

Skorcery Comes to PS4 April 4th

Announced today by Grapple Hook Games, Skorecery will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 4, 2019!


Skorecery is a mystical “sportslike” where up to 4 players take the roles of wizard and sorcerers competing in a magical game that akin to a mix of Pong and dodgeball.

The game hosts a huge variety of Modes, Arenas, and Spells, and there’s a rather substantial element of experimentation in the game, with the different wizards having vastly different abilities that can combine in some truly interesting ways.

We first ran into Skorecery 2 years ago at the Boston Festival of Indie Games and it’s been a welcome sight at many events since then, but I cannot wait to get it going, competitive couch style!

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